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Apr 10, 2017

Nashville Attorney Perry A. Craft Obtains Significant Settlement for Victim of Motorcycle Accident

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Wrecks involving cars or trucks with motorcycles happen too often. While drivers and passengers of cars are protected from injury by seat belts, air bags, frames, and metal, nothing comparable protects a biker or rider.  When a collision between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle occur, the biker suffers the most serious injuries. Last summer, [...]

Feb 9, 2017

Motorcycles and Motorcycle Accidents

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Without a doubt, motorcycles offer advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are clear: Dedicated enthusiasts delight in riding and maintaining their motorcycles and sharing their experiences with other motorcyclists.  These enthusiasts may find roads and highways (for instance, the “Tail of the Dragon” in East Tennessee and parts of North Carolina) to challenge their riding skills [...]

Jan 5, 2017

Money Damages in Automobile Wrecks

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Whenever a person or company is legally injured, due mainly to another person’s fault, the law provides that the person responsible is to pay for the damages resulting from those injuries.  This principle applies to wrecks involving automobiles, minivans, pickup or light-duty trucks, vans, motorcycles, SUVs, RVs, and large trucks.  The injuries may be sustained [...]