Nashville attorney Perry A. Craft obtained a six-figure settlement of a matter where a female employee, a single mother supporting her children, asserted that her male supervisor made unwanted and unwelcomed advances, inappropriately touched her and that she endured hearing sexual comments in a hostile work environment.

No one who works for a living, so that she can feed, clothe and house her children, should be subjected to that conduct. Victims suffer indignities and are pressured, sometimes subtly, to remain silent and do nothing to stop the boorish conduct. Even though they are not at fault for a supervisor’s conduct, some victims unfortunately blame themselves and fret and worry about annoying the harasser or losing their jobs if they stand up for themselves.  The supervisors often behave this way when no one else is looking.  Though they know their conduct is against the law and wrong, they often try to cover their tracks. Regardless, their acts violate the law.

Here, the six-figure settlement resulted in the business paying the price for the conduct of the supervisor. When a supervisor makes unwelcome sexual advances to an employee, the law provides for a remedy and compensation to the victim.

If you are the victim of unwanted sexual advances or touching in the workplace, know this: it is against the law and you have rights. If you have questions, contact Nashville attorney Perry A. Craft.