Wrecks involving cars or trucks with motorcycles happen too often. While drivers and passengers of cars are protected from injury by seat belts, air bags, frames, and metal, nothing comparable protects a biker or rider.  When a collision between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle occur, the biker suffers the most serious injuries.

Last summer, a car pulled onto a street and plowed into a motorcycle. The driver claims not to have seen the motorcycle. The failure to look carefully before pulling onto the road caused serious injuries to the biker and rider. Although recovery is expected, the biker and rear rider were hurt and hospitalized.  Though both were wearing helmets, their injuries were real, painful, and serious. The settlement totaled several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The reality is that too many drivers of passenger vehicles either do not look for or see motorcycles, react poorly when they see a motorcycle thereby causing the biker to respond quickly to try to avoid a wreck, or do not appreciate the serious injuries that their (drivers of passenger vehicles) can cause. Bikers at all times should strive to stay alert and monitor road conditions, traffic and other vehicles, avoid letting distractions interfere with their focus, and ride defensively.

If another vehicle or road hazard caused a wreck on your or another person’s motorcycle, contact Nashville Attorney Perry A. Craft. He will answer your questions, fight for you, and work for you so that justice is served and you are compensated for your injuries.